If your number one priority is to reduce transit times to a minimum, our door-to-door services can transport your goods from your warehouse to the final destination. We offer our customers access to thousands of charter aircraft and cargo services throughout the worldwide.

We can offer competitive and creative solutions for all sizes of cargo projects on a full or part charter basis. Whether you are looking for a small jet to move highly urgent goods or an Antonov to load oversized cargo, we have a range of aircraft available.

Cargo Classifications


We take great care in shipping all items entrusted with us. There are some of the items such as dangerous goods or military cargo need more care than others.

Our teams stay fully up-to-date on the latest routing restrictions and regulations, meaning we’re experts at sourcing the correct aircraft licenced to carry such sensitive freight.


We can organize special flights, chartering an entire plane in which your goods are the sole priority, to send large batches of goods swiftly and quickly to your required destination.

We offer charter for a wide range of charter solutions including the transportation of heavy and outsize items which can’t be loaded onto scheduled services or items such as oil industry equipment, aircraft engines, stage sets and vehicles etc.


For animal transportation, using an air charter is far quicker, humane than moving animals by road, sea or scheduled flight. Each animal’s wellbeing is paramount and we take every professional care to provide a smooth and comfortable journey.

From sourcing the ideal aircraft to fully briefing crew-members and arranging onboard experts to accompany
the animals.


When time is critical and every minute costs money, we provide urgent ad-hoc charter and onboard courier (OBC) solutions which are able to fly within hours.

We have a worldwide reputation for responding immediately to Time-critical air charter request. We specialize in providing time-sensitive cargo charter and onboard courier solutions to support industries including Automotive, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical etc.


We deliver large scale aid and relief worldwide for governments, international NGOs and aid organizations via air cargo charter. We are experienced in quickly and effectively delivering humanitarian aid to the places that need it most. In these emergency situations, which often present the greatest logistical challenges of all, our
specialist expertise and global connections are vital to the smooth running of relief operations.

We regularly supports NGOs, governments and aid agencies to coordinate a wide range of cargo charters, from heavy equipment and vehicles to tents, blankets and food supplies.


If you require quick transportation of automotive parts to avoid costly production stops, we are the right partner for seamless cargo charter solutions. Our experienced freight specialists work closely with the automotive industry and can offer a range of services customized to your requirements.

Shipping automobile parts and transporting vehicles is a precise business. If it’s your business, we can help you make it work by supplying several dedicated services. Our dedicated sales and handling teams work closely together with partners in the industry and are up-to-date on market developments and logistics requirements. With the right products and services we bring your supply chain to the quality level you require.


We at Sunlight will source the best available aircraft to fly into hard-to-reach destinations that scheduled services can’t access, such as Natural Disaster Zones, Hostile Locations, Underserviced Airports.

Flying cargo to remote destinations can be challenging. Some destinations are situated off the beaten track and the closest airports are often small with shorter runways and not fully equipped with loading equipment, handling staff or fuel. It can be extremely risky to land with an aircraft in hostile natural disaster zones with extreme weather conditions.


We create tailor-made cargo solutions for the Sports & Entertainment industry to ensure the safe & reliable delivery of instruments or equipment for music tours, filming sets, or sporting events via cargo charter.

From sports equipment for Olympic games, bikes for the Tour de France and racing cars for Formula 1 races, We are experts in the smooth running of delivering your goods on time and on budget. Top clients from the music and entertainment industry trust us when it comes to critical shipments via air cargo charter.


We specify aircraft type and do cargo evaluation, based on your requirement, whatever it is – full or part charter, small or big shipment, we do flight calculations, flight routing and planning, obtaining over flight/landing clearances on the route and follow up the whole flight operation, providing full tracking of the flight with final POD delivery to the client. Our work is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 12 months a year.


Using our direct relationships with aircraft owners/operators in CIS countries, Middle East and Europe we can provide almost any type of aircraft on Dry/Wet Lease, both for long and short terms based on any specification in your requirement and straight from the owner, avoiding any unnecessary expenses.


The Cargo Handling Division is a newest addition to our service lines for the aviation industry. To provide the efficient operations with skilled workmanship for our clients and customers is our main task.


We do quickly and dynamically provide spare parts for any Russian produced aircraft to Middle East market, having good relationships with spare parts wholesale traders in CIS countries.


Whatever the situation is, we are ready to provide immediate departure for any relief flight on any aircraft required to the world sectors that we are serving with our fleet.


Using our knowledge in aviation business, based on long term experience in Gulf/CIS aviation markets, our specialists are ready tosupport and develop your ideas and help all of your business plans come true in the shortest time possible.


Based on your requirement, we can provide airport handling, refueling, on route flight clearances and show our support to you in different aspects of aviation business. Providing insurance policies from the leading insurance companies can also be done for your fleet.

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